Angry Bee Films is the film production company of writer and actress, Fay Beck.

Beck trained as an actress in the Meisner Technique. Under the guidance of her teachers, she explored the subtlety and depth of human emotion. Subsequently she went to star in various short films, theatrical productions as well as two feature films.

Beck undertook her acting course alongside studies in Psychology and Philosophy, Film, Cultural and Gender Studies.

Her psychological and philosophical theories concerning the human psyche underpin her work as a writer and storyteller.

She currently teaches the Meisner Technique at her school, the Actors Door Studio in London.

Fay has written two feature film scripts and is beginning work on a third. Her second short film, Collectors, is currently in pre-production.

Graham Jones

Graham Jones is producer at Angry Bee Films.

He is currently developing a feature film through Angry Bee Films. He is a businessman with a keen understanding of the film market.